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        “范文大全” 演講稿


        發布時間:2021-03-24 來源:演講稿 手機版




          First, I'd like to thank the commission and my opponents for participating in these debates and making them possible. I think the real winners of the debates were the American people. I was especially moved in Richmond a few days ago, when 209 of our fellow citizens got to ask us questions. They went a long way toward reclaiming this election for the American people and taking their country back. I want to say, since this is the last time, I'll be on platform with my opponents, that even though, I disagree with Mr. Perot on how fast we can reduce the deficit and how much we can increase taxes in the middle class, I really respect what he's done in this campaign to bring the issue of deficit reduction to our attention. I'd like to say that Mr. Bush even though I have got profound differences with him, I do honor his service to our country. I appreciate his efforts and I wish him well. I just believe it's time to change.

          I offer a new approach. It's not trickle-down economics. It's been tried for 12 years and it's failed. More people are working harder, for less, 100,000 people a month losing their health insurance, unemployment going up, our economics slowing down. We can do better, and it's not tax and spend economics. It's invest and grow, put our people first, control health care costs and provide basic health care to all Americans, have an education system second to none, and revitalize the private economy. That is my commitment to you. It is the kind of change that can open up a whole world of opportunities toward the 21st century.

          I want a country where people, who work hard and play by the rules, are rewarded, not punished. I want a country where people are coming together across the lines of race and region and income. I know we can do better. It won't take miracles and it won't happen overnight, but we can do much, much better, if we have the courage to change.

          Thank you very much.

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